What Makes Keystone Softball Different?

The Keystone Softball League all started with a conversation among softball enthusiast friends over pizza. After being tired of being overcharged for the same old run of the mill softball league we thought WE CAN DO BETTER! That night the idea was born to start Keystone Softball. The idea was simple; create a great SOFTBALL EXPERIENCE that makes the players feel like they are part of something special all at an affordable cost.Our inaugural season was fall of 2015 with a 7 team coed league. Since then the coed league has grown to 18+ teams and we've added a weeknight mens league and a Sunday morning men's league. We are constantly looking at ways to add to the player experience with things like team awards, individual awards, stats, all star games, Home Run Derbys and charity tournaments.

If you want to have a great SOFTBALL EXPERIENCE come see what Keystone Softball is all about.